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As the Knave carried one last armful of firewood back to the camp site, he had to stop and reflect for a minute. He hadn't really thought they would succeed in getting Cyrus even knowing how determined and capable Alice was - going up against the Red Queen was one thing but going up against her and Jafar was something else. She'd fight to the end, he knew that, and he would be right there with her because he had promised but he knew better than than hope it would turn out well.

Things never turned out well. He knew this from first-hand experience.

But then again, maybe even his luck had to turn all right sometime. Cyrus had broken out, they had found him, held off the Tweedles and Jafar's guards and they now had a bit of breathing room to figure out what to do next.

"Right," he called out loudly as he approached the site. "I'm coming back with the wood so clothes had better be on."

He was probably going to get smacked for that but it was worth it.
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As far as backwater villages go, this one wasn't quite a wretched hive of scum and villainy but it was close. This was actually a good thing as the odds of finding a way to get to Storybrooke was much better here than in some nice friendly village.

Of course, the odds of getting into a fight were also a lot higher but the Knave reasoned that there was a price for everything, wasn't there? Besides, he could handle himself - and so could Cyrus for that matter.

After asking around, he had finally gotten directed to a tavern that managed to look more disreputable then all of the other buildings combined. There was supposedly a pirate there who knew how to pass through realms. Whether it was true or not, the Knave didn't know but right now, this was their best option.

"That must be him," he murmured to Cyrus, gesturing to the rather handsome man in the back. He could understand now why the dairy maid had giggled and blushed when telling him. "You stay here and I'll deal with him, okay?"

With that, he squared his shoulders and walked through the room, ignoring the speculative looks and catcalls from the bar maids until he reached his destination.

"Don't suppose I could buy you a drink, mate?"
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The worst thing was that he hadn't meant it to happen at all. There had been another confrontation with Jafar and the Bitch Queen and in all of the chaos, he and Cyrus had gotten separated from Alice. With Jafar's goons bearing down on them, he figured there was only one place they could go - Drury Lane.

All right, so it had a reputation worse than Underland and it was entirely possibly the Muffin Man wanted him dead even more than the Caterpillar did but the way he saw it, it was their only choice. No one ventured in there unless they had a damn good reason and Jafar's goons weren't dumb enough to tangle with the Iron Chefs.

If Jafar wanted them, he'd have to deal with the Muffin Man and that whole process would buy them enough time to get out. That was his hope, anyway.

It all went to hell when they hid in one of the warehouses. He knew better than to eat the muffins but Cyrus had either missed the memo or was too hungry to care. He had looked away for only a second and turned back to see the genie chowing down on one of the violet ones.

The Forget Me Not muffins were notable for doing just that - making you forget who it is you loved most. It was popular among the heartbroken and manipulative bastards and now Cyrus was among the crowd.

Alice was going to bloody well murder him.


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